To strengthen Australia’s biosecurity research, surveillance, diagnostic and response capability, by enabling researchers, industry and governments, to collaborate, use expertise, share data, information, and generate intelligence using leading edge tools and technologies made available through ABIN.


ABIN aims to dramatically improve the ability of the biosecurity community of researchers, industry and governments to work together to address common problems or emerging biosecurity issues through ‘real time’ access to data, information and know-how, and use of leading edge tools and technologies to generate biosecurity intelligence.

In essence ABIN aims to make it easier to connect, share, use and create biosecurity intelligence for biosecurity research, surveillance and response through a shared online workspace that can be accessed through the ABIN web portal.

Through ABIN, Australia is leading the way in developing an integrated approach to biosecurity, increasing the quality and quantity of biosecurity intelligence that can be used for more informed and robust decision-making, policy development and operational response.

To cater for biosecurity work that has trade, privacy, or national security sensitivities a secure online work environment is available. The infrastructure service ConnectingSpaces provides ABIN community spaces and is security accredited to manage information up to an including a RESTRICTED classification. In line with changes to Australia’s security classification system the infrastructure will be accredited to a PROTECTED level by the end of 2012. For more information on the security approach taken by ConnectingSpaces click here.

Portal Management

The ABIN web portal is managed by a group of biosecurity stakeholders that co-invested in establishing the information repositories, virtual diagnostic and whole slide imaging infrastructure capabilities made available from the ABIN portal for use by the biosecurity community.

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