To strengthen Australia’s biosecurity research, surveillance, diagnostic and response capability, by enabling researchers, industry and governments, to collaborate, use expertise, share data, information, and generate intelligence using leading edge tools and technologies made available through ABIN.


ABIN aims to dramatically improve the ability of the biosecurity community of researchers, industry and governments to work together to address common problems or emerging biosecurity issues through ‘real time’ access to data, information and know-how, and use of leading edge tools and technologies to generate biosecurity intelligence.

In essence ABIN aims to make it easier to connect, share, use and create biosecurity intelligence for biosecurity research, surveillance and response through a shared online workspace that can be accessed through the ABIN web portal.

Through ABIN, Australia is leading the way in developing an integrated approach to biosecurity, increasing the quality and quantity of biosecurity intelligence that can be used for more informed and robust decision-making, policy development and operational response.

To cater for biosecurity work that has trade, privacy, or national security sensitivities a secure online work environment is available. The infrastructure service ConnectingSpaces provides ABIN community spaces and is security accredited to manage information up to an including a RESTRICTED classification. In line with changes to Australia’s security classification system the infrastructure will be accredited to a PROTECTED level by the end of 2012. For more information on the security approach taken by ConnectingSpaces click here.

Portal Management

The ABIN web portal is managed by a group of biosecurity stakeholders that co-invested in establishing the information repositories, virtual diagnostic and whole slide imaging infrastructure capabilities made available from the ABIN portal for use by the biosecurity community.

Accurate Home Insurance Quote

Accurate Home Insurance Quote

Getting insurance on a home is almost an absolute necessity to avoid paying exorbitant out-of-pocket costs to have the home repaired or rebuilt. Unfortunately, most homeowners have no idea about what they should include as far as coverage in their policy. This is why it is a good idea to obtain a home insurance quote from a licensed insurance representative. The difficulty lies in trying to determine what type of catastrophes might occur in the future that could possibly cause damage to a home. A licensed insurance agent knows what to ask of a homeowner to help determine what they should have covered. Based on the information provided by the homeowner, the agent would be able to give the homeowner a Youi Home Insurance quote.

The Internet is a good resource for information about purchasing insurance for the home. In fact, most insurance agencies provide descriptions of the different areas that could be covered in this type of policy. There are also some websites that offer people the ability to view multiple quotes from different companies for the purpose of comparison. To obtain this type of home insurance quote the homeowner is required to input some basic information about their home. For instance, if it is a single family dwelling or a condo. This type of comparison site could also ask for additional information such as the year the house was built and the square footage.

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The design of the house itself is just one of several factors that go into estimating what a home insurance quote would be. The location of the home is also a consideration as are any safety or security features the home might have installed. Most policies are designed to cover damage caused by weather, unexpected accidents or criminal acts. Discussing the different options with a licensed insurance agent could help pinpoint the areas that could need adequate coverage. For instance, the majority of homeowners do not need coverage for aircraft collisions included, unless they happen to live by an airport. The more information a homeowner provides, the more accurate a home insurance quote will be.

Car Insurance Quote

Car Insurance Quote

If you are looking for a great way to save money on your car insurance quotes, you may consider relocating to a more affordable area to enjoy better rates. Many drivers do not realize that where they choose to live plays such an important role in their car insurance quotes, but the reality is that you may save several hundred dollars per year or more if you choose to live in an area that is known for having more affordable insurance rates. In fact, there are three main ways that where you choose to live can affect your Car Insurance by Youi quotes, and a closer inspection of these factors may help you to make a smarter decision about where to live in the future.

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Crime and Accident Statistics
When you are shopping for car insurance quotes, your insurance company will likely request your home and work address, and this is because these are the two main areas where the car will be located and driven. Everything from vehicle theft to accident statistics for these zip codes will be reviewed, and these factors will weigh heavily on the rates that you receive. If you are preparing to move in the near future, it is wise to request quotes from your car insurance company for different zip codes you are thinking about moving to if you want to identify possible savings on your premium. Generally, rural and suburban areas have lower rates than urban areas, but this is not always the case.

The Cost of Vehicle Repairs and Replacement
Your zip code may also be reviewed when issuing car insurance quotes to analyze the cost of vehicle repairs and replacement. If you are involved in an accident or if your vehicle is stolen, your car insurance policy will need to pay out for a repair or a replacement, as applicable. The cost of repair services as well as the cost for a full replacement can vary by location. Living in an area with a lower cost of living can help you to lower your car insurance quotes.

Your Credit Rating
In many states, your credit rating is reviewed before car insurance quotes are issued. The only states that do not have this requirement are California, Massachusetts and Hawaii. You may be aware that you have a lower credit rating, and this may be resulting in higher rates. Some people, such as those who live near a border with one of these states, have been able to relocate directly across the border to save money on their rates. If moving to one of these states is not an option, you may need to improve your credit rating to lower your rates.

Your location is just one of many factors that are reviewed before car insurance quotes are issued. It is wise to learn more about other factors that may also influence your rate quote, and this can help you to further identify ways to save money on your car insurance policy.